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We are Energy Solution Provider company having experience of more than Three decades in majority of 发电频谱的垂直方向.

Zodiac Energy Limited is India’s leading Energy Solution Provider based in 艾哈迈达巴德 古吉拉特邦 与 有超过三十年的发电经验. 赌钱游戏官方网站致力于推广使用 renewable 能源 and 与 the advent of new technology, we have harnessed the power of solar 能源为电力公司提供交钥匙解决方案. 赌钱游戏官方网站的专家团队利用最新的 technology and tools to design, supply and install solar power systems in following areas :

  • 住宅屋顶
  • 商业 & 工业屋顶
  • 地面自备工程

赌钱游戏官方网站 1800 233 2309 免费预订 咨询并开始 节省电费.

赌钱游戏官方网站是这个领域的一员 赌钱游戏官方网站领域的领导者 服务超过15000多家客户 印度 150兆瓦以上的装机容量. 赌钱游戏官方网站在全国范围内获得了多个奖项 & 国际平台. 赌钱游戏官方网站的核心专长在于交付 具有成本效益的 & 可靠的赌钱游戏官方网站 解决方案 that are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. 拥有一支技能高超的队伍 specialists, we are committed to transforming India's 能源 sector by driving the adoption of solar 能源. As the demand for solar 能源 in India continues to grow, our goal is to become the premier 艾哈迈达巴德的EPC供应商 offering world-class quality solar panels and services that meet 国际标准.

赌钱游戏官方网站的 dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a 艾哈迈达巴德领先的赌钱游戏官方网站公司. 赌钱游戏官方网站致力于提供卓越的服务和 支持赌钱网站官网首页, 从最初的咨询到安装和维护, 确保他们 solar 解决方案 operate efficiently and effectively for years to come. 如果您正在寻找一个可靠的 and trusted solar EPC company in 艾哈迈达巴德 look no further than Zodiac Energy Limited. 联系 us today to learn more about our solar 解决方案 and how we can help you transform your 能源 在省钱和减少碳足迹的同时满足需求!




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Looking for a way to reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a greener environment? Consider the PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana (Solar 资助计划) in India! This innovative program provides subsidies to individuals and residential communities who install solar panels on their rooftops.

通过参加总理苏里亚·加尔·穆夫特·比吉里·尤佳纳, you not only save money on your electricity bills but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Outstanding Achievements: Showcasing Some of 赌钱游戏官方网站的 Remarkable 项目

We have completed many projects of Diesel and Gas Generator Sets, EPC 自备热电联产电厂, 光伏赌钱游戏官方网站系统, 加工设备, 太阳抛物槽 及赌钱游戏官方网站热水器.

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赌钱游戏官方网站的 Company was originally incorporated as “Zodiac Genset Private Limited” at Ahmedabad on May 22, 1992年 公司法的规定, 1956 vide Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of 公司,古吉拉特邦,达德拉和纳加尔,哈维利,艾哈迈达巴德.


To provide a world class Clean Energy Solutions at most affordable cost by adopting emerging technologies 创新产品.


Zodiac Energy aspires to be among the global leaders for providing clean 能源 解决方案. 超越赌钱游戏官方网站 customer’s expectation in cost, quality and services through continuous improvement in our systems, 过程和方法,并通过客户互动.


Zodiac Energy is committed to deliver best in class products exceeding expectations consumer, 利益相关者, investors and others through innovations and continuous process improvement 与 strategic 在印度和海外的合作伙伴关系.


zodiac 能源 is committed for protection of environment by bringing new and clean 能源 解决方案 and using minimal natural resources having goal to have zero carbon footprint.



  • Mr. K. J. 沙阿他是董事长兼总经理 Director of Zodiac Energy Limited and has nurtured Zodiac since its inception. 他有29年 的经验.


    Mr. Jaxay沙他是一位环保主义者 sustainability crusader working for the better planet, eco-friendly construction, clean and 建筑材料中的可再生技术.


    夫人. Parul沙47岁的Parul沙是一名 古吉拉特邦大学商学学士. 她自4月起担任公司董事 01, 1998. 她有22年的工作经验.


  • Mr. 达瓦沙达瓦沙为非执行董事 & 赌钱网站官网首页独立董事. 他是英国特许学会的成员 印度会计师协会和美国CFA协会.


    Mr. Kalpesh JoshiKalpesh Joshi是非执行董事, 独立董事. He is 独立董事 in Loyal Equipment Limited and director in 技术解决工程方案P. 有限公司.
    Kalpesh Joshi


    Mr. Ambar帕特尔Ambar帕特尔,独立董事 赌钱游戏官方网站公司.He has been promoter director providing services at the helm of the operations 自SHILP凹版有限公司成立以来.


  • Mr. 拉克什一. 帕特尔拉凯什·帕特尔是独立人士 本公司董事. He is Whole Time Director of the well-known Spices Manufacturer and 位于艾哈迈达巴德的出口公司.
    Rakesh 帕特尔


    Mr. 拉克什一. 帕特尔Mr. Jaimin沙有超过25个 在IT行业有多年的经验 拥有计算机学士学位.
    Mr. Jaimin沙




Importance of solar 能源 in today's world and how we are changing the industry

The importance of harnessing renewable 能源 can never be overstated. 与电 能源 generated from fossil fuels, solar 能源 does not emit greenhouse gas. 赌钱游戏官方网站也不需要 contaminate the air, keeping the environment clean and air breathable. 因为赌钱游戏官方网站不会造成污染 水, it is emerging as one of the most favourable 能源 resources around the world, 缺水的地方 每年都在上涨. We at Zodiac Energy offer solar systems for home in 古吉拉特邦 so that every nook and corner 国家可以利用清洁和可再生能源.

Since solar 能源 can renew itself, as our country takes a giant leap towards 可持续能源,赌钱游戏官方网站走在运动的前沿. 赌钱游戏官方网站保证赌钱游戏官方网站所有的产品都是优质的 international standard and meets the rules and regulation set by regulatory authorities. 除了设计 并提供, we also handle testing and commissioning as well as operations and maintenance of the solar 发电厂.


为什么选择Zodiac Energy作为你在古吉拉特邦的赌钱游戏官方网站公司?

With over three decades 的经验 we have established ourselves as a trusted and 住宅和商业客户的可靠合作伙伴. 在Zodiac 能源,赌钱游戏官方网站提供完整的 赌钱游戏官方网站产品和服务, from feasibility studies and system design to installation and maintenance. 赌钱游戏官方网站的 highly qualified and experienced engineers are dedicated to providing the best possible solution for each 客户的特定需求.

We also offer a wide range of options to make solar 能源 more affordable for 每一个人. With its commitment to quality, service, and value, we are the perfect 合作伙伴 for anyone interested 在赌钱游戏官方网站方面.